The 12 People You Meet at a Babymetal Concert

The 12 People You Meet at a Babymetal Concert

FOR THOSE OF you whose musical tastes don’t intersect with J-pop, heavy metal or viral videos, Babymetalexploded onto the scene last spring with the launch of their video for “Gimme Chocolate!!” The video is an eyeball-melting amalgamation of teenage Japanese girls performing high-energy dance routines and singing about chocolate while backed with thunderous metal riffs. It’s the perfect…

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Sunday Light and Word - One Final Bow

Sunday Light and Word – One Final Bow



Sept 21st Big



An old guy struggled to make something out those thin balloons hired clowns use to corrupt our youth.  He hadn’t shaved for the party. Sipped out of a tall can of Schlitz. Less than a year after that, he’d be gone. Someone I never knew, but encountered briefly as a guest at the house of someone else I hardly understood let alone knew. But I see that concentrated effort to have…

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Seven Things We Don’t Care About This Week: Scotland Edition

Seven Things We Don’t Care About This Week: Scotland Edition

7. Jessica Simpson’s physique
Yet another voluptuous woman who lost too much weight and has no more curves. And the coverage of this weight loss was a) presented in a super positive light, and b) unavoidable in my news feed all week.

6. Roger Goodell
His first name is slang for “screw over,” and his surname is a truncation of “Go to Hell.” Which is the NFL head honcho’s a) attitude toward former…

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Cat-Calling Grandma: Age, Anger, and Lust

Cat-Calling Grandma: Age, Anger, and Lust

I AM ON the porch of the local bar overlooking Main Street.  It’s August and it’s Community Day.  And though the sun hasn’t set yet, most people have been drinking since ten.  The clever ones have taken midafternoon naps and returned.  I, not being a local, didn’t arrive until three—after the watermelon- eating contest and the parade and the antique car show have all become beer-clouded…

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The Power of Political Narrative: Part One, The GOP

The Power of Political Narrative: Part One, The GOP

i. Magical Thinking and the Memory Hole

LIKE MOST EVERYONE ELSE I know, I grew up—really grew up, if I’ve ever actually grown up—in the Reagan 80’s. Take my childhood, please. Actually, it wasn’t all that bad, at least for the middle class kids. During the extreme periods of Boom and Busted, Pro and Convicts, the majority in the middle seldom feels the pain; they rarely see the cocked fists and…

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The Green, the Black and the High

The Green, the Black and the High

LET’S START OUR story far away. Almost a century ago, when the laws of prohibition ruled the land and Detroit was a busy conduit of bootleg whiskey coming in from Hiram Walker’s distillery, conveniently located just over the water in Windsor. On crisp winter nights, industrious men stuffed cases of Canadian whiskey into their cars and, dodging the border patrol, drove straight out across the…

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Sunday Light and Word - Everything Ringing at Once

Sunday Light and Word – Everything Ringing at Once



Sept 14th large



Threatened a kid with a piece of glass. Got suspended. Before that, stole my pal’s Star Trek phaser gun thingy. Got grounded. Broke my right knuckle punching one of the Stiller kids in the head. Got a cast on my hand. He started it. Crashed mom’s car into a tree drunk driving at 14. Cannot remember that consequence at all. Made out with a girl on the bus back from Pennsylvania…

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Seven Things We Don’t Care About This Week — Platitudinous Tripe for the Ho Hum Generation

The World Calling

I USED TO have West Bromwich Albion all to myself.

Those words. To my ears—I must have been about nine or ten when I first heard “West Bromwich Albion” on a public television broadcast of a muddy English football match, sometime in the late ’70s—they were poetry, a little incantation evocative of a distant, misty, ancient land. The idea that many thousands of miles away the teams had names that…

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Literary Luminaries: Beards, Vaginas and the Avant-Garde Novelist – Part II

Literary Luminaries: Beards, Vaginas and the Avant-Garde Novelist – Part II

Part II: ReadWomen

IN THE FIRST PART of this essay on Monday, I took a look at the way in which cult female novelists are usually forgotten or ignored, whilst male cult authors, from Burroughs to Hunter S. Thompson, remain literary icons that are cherished by the public imagination. The same issue lies with women who are writing Big Books on a large canvas. Many of these problems arise from the…

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